Our Story


Luca + Danni was born out of the simple yet powerful belief that dreams can come true.

We believe that there is an incredibly compelling message behind our company, one that is rooted in the remarkable story involving the bond between two brothers. In May 2012, Danny Magnanimi was diagnosed with cancer – a difficult, hard-fought battle that he lost in April 2013. Danny was 33 years old and like all cancer patients, simply wanted to have a second chance at life.

Danny’s brother, Fred, was inspired by his younger brother’s desire to help revive the family’s jewelry manufacturing business and through that year of chemo treatments, they would often talk about the things Danny dreamed of doing with the company once he got better. Fueled by Danny’s passion and a burning desire to carry forth his vision, Luca + Danni was born!


Fred was formerly an investment banker (it was as boring as it sounds!) and was always intrigued by the ability to “read” someone by looking at what type of watch they wore. A watch was far more than a functional timepiece, it was an expression of who they were and what they stood for.

A Sunnto meant an athletic type (probably a runner or cyclist), a Panerai was a symbol of understated simplicity, and if they had a Patek Philippe on, you’d better be on your “A” game!

After joining his family’s jewelry manufacturing business, the idea of a watch as a symbol of style and expression became the genesis behind the first prototype of our signature bracelet.

The observation was simple – most jewelry, especially bracelets, was purchased for a specific reason. A certain charm or symbol might have an intentional and often personal message, or the color of the beads might bring back vibrant childhood memories. Either way, they should be prominently displayed on the area that’s most visible — the top of your wrist!

Why not take that “watch concept” and apply it to the bracelet industry?

It seemed like a logical and innovative approach and it was through this process that Luca + Danni was born!


From our initial prototypes, the “where” and “how” of product manufacturing has always been critically important to us. We think there is something nostalgic and just plain cool about an American factory and we’re pleased to give you a behind-the-scenes look at the place we proudly call home.

Each of our products is handcrafted in our factory, making each piece as unique as the individuals that proudly wear Luca + Danni.

We’re dedicated to helping revive American manufacturing, and if you ask us, we think that’s pretty damn cool!


The inspiration behind our designs comes from many places but is always rooted in trying to find a fresh and unique interpretation within everything we create.
Remember using wax seal stamps? Good — we don’t either, but they made great tools to create our monogram initial series.
Everyone loves the bold cuts and sparkle of Druzy, so why not take it up a notch? We incorporated Swarovski elements to create a glimmering look with unmatched quality and color.
Swarovski sew on crystals are commonly used in the garment industry — think bling’d out dresses and tiaras. Pretty cool, but we think we’ve found a better home or them...sitting nicely on the top of our bracelets!
We love searching our factory for vintage pieces and finding new ways to combine the beauty of old craftsmanship within a new, chic approach! This Guadalupe charm was originally used as a rosary center that we repurposed to fit our signature bracelet.


We are grateful for all of those who have supported us! We refuse to take success for granted and we’re humbled by the opportunity to spread a message that has so much personal meaning to all of us here. And while the roots of our company may have been born out of a tragic event, we can’t help but think that there are more than a few people smiling down at us.

We’re pretty pumped to have you as a part of this journey. Hold on, our best is yet to come!

We’re proud of what we’re doing at Luca + Danni and we hope you love the jewelry we are creating!