Our Story

From Our Family to Yours, Handcrafted Jewelry Born in the U.S.A

The Beginning

My childhood summers were spent in our family’s factory watching my father create beautiful, handcrafted jewelry. My brother Danny and I were amazed at how he could envision a piece before it was made, oftentimes seeing the finished product even before the sketches were complete. We find a lot of our inspiration in his factory and we love the ability to weave in part of that history in every piece that we handcraft at Luca + Danni.

Life is a Journey

In 2013, my younger brother Danny lost a difficult battle with cancer. Danny was 33 years old and his dream was to re-invent our family’s jewelry manufacturing business which, like many American factories, had experienced difficult times due to overseas competition.

Life is about making difficult choices and the ones that have always served me best have been the ones rooted in a strong emotional connection. Even during his toughest times, Danny was very optimistic about his dreams, and I wasn’t going to let cancer take that away from him. So I left my job as an investment banker, relocated my family back to Rhode Island, and launched a company in his memory. We’re located in the same factory that we ran around in as kids and his passion comes through in everything we make. Oh, and the name Luca + Danni, that comes from my two children, whom he absolutely adored.


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And so, Luca + Danni was born.

I’ve learned to treasure moments spent with family, to live in the present, and to keep the faith no matter how difficult things may seem. I’ve learned that life is a journey and always remember to embrace it.

It means the world to me that you are here and on this journey with us, and it would mean even more to Danny.  We are proud to carry on a deeply rooted family tradition and to handcraft jewelry that is uncompromised in its construction. We are Born In The USA and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Welcome to the Luca + Danni family! Thanks for being a part of our journey, and allowing us to be a part of yours.”

Fred Magnanimi, Founder
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