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The Beginning

Allow me to take you back to the magical days of my childhood, where summers were spent amidst the captivating world of our family's jewelry factory. It was within those walls that I witnessed the birth of beautiful, handcrafted jewelry, courtesy of my father's gifted hands.

My brother Danny and I would stand in awe as we watched him breathe life into his visions, often visualizing the finished piece even before the sketches were complete. The factory became a wellspring of inspiration for us, and the opportunity to infuse a piece of that rich history into every creation at Luca + Danni is a source of immense joy.

Life is a Journey

Life, as we know, is a series of choices, and I have come to learn that the decisions guided by strong emotional connections are the ones that lead us to our truest selves. When cancer cruelly stole my beloved brother from this world, I resolved that it would not rob him of his dream.

It was a pivotal moment when I made the resolute choice to leave behind my career as an investment banker, uproot my family, and return to the embrace of Rhode Island. In honor of Danny's memory, I embarked on a new path, launching Luca + Danni in the very factory where we once frolicked as wide-eyed children. The fire of his passion permeates every piece we create, and we wouldn't have it any other way


And so, Luca + Danni was born.

To each and every one of you who has joined us on this extraordinary journey, please know that your presence means the world to me, and it would have held immeasurable significance for Danny. It fills us with immense pride to carry forward a deeply rooted family tradition, meticulously handcrafting jewelry that refuses to compromise on quality or artistry.

Our commitment to being "Born in the USA" is unwavering, reflecting our unwavering support for local artisans and businesses. At Luca + Danni, we believe that while we craft the jewelry, it is you, our cherished customers, who breathe life and meaning into each piece, creating a story that becomes part of your personal journey.

We are humbled by the opportunity to be a part of your lives and grateful for the trust you place in us. Together, we create meaningful gifts today that will be treasured keepsakes tomorrow.

"We craft the Jewelry, you create the Story."

Fred Magnanimi, Founder
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