Animal + Pet Jewelry

Pretty + wild. Popular jewelry brand Luca + Danni loves animals as much as you do. Check out our collection of adorable animal jewelry for pet lovers and wildlife crusaders alike. Whether its our pet lover bracelets, animal charity jewelry, or paw print jewelry designs, our local artisans create beautiful pieces of handcrafted jewelry made in the USA that celebrate your favorite four-legged friends. Let’s talk about pets, baby. Shop our great pet lover gift ideas for that perfect piece of unconditional love. Styles include our paw print bracelet, cat bracelet and dog mom bracelet, to name a few, in a collection of jewelry under $50. Spirit animal jewelry is a popular jewelry trend right now, too. We’ve got the best symbolic bracelets to suit your style, including our phoenix bracelet, elephant bracelet, cardinal bracelet, bee bracelet, and dolphin bracelet, as well. Loyal to the animal print look? Our animal print jewelry makes a bold statement in a patterned Crystal bracelet design. Pounce on our leopard print bracelet, snakeskin bracelet, tiger print bracelet, zebra print bracelet and more. Whatever your style, you’ll want to get your paws on these awesome animal lover jewelry pieces.