Hope never flies far with the loss of a loved one. Cardinals have long been believed to carry the messages of departed souls trying to reach us in the physical world. Let the Luca + Danni cardinal jewelry collection open your heart and eyes to this uplifting spiritual symbol. Our handmade Cardinal necklace is a thoughtful tribute jewelry piece, and also makes a beautiful gift for a grieving loved one or friend. We even paired it with our Swarovski® Crystal Angel Pin for an inspiring faith-based jewelry set. The matching Cardinal Bracelet brings comfort and consolation, as well as the coordinating Cardinal Ring. Both are made to perfectly coordinate with our red Dylan bangle, Luca + Danni’s bestselling Swarovski® Crystal bracelet style, along with our popular Swarovski® Crystal Pearl Bracelet as well. Shop them all together in the ever-popular Cardinal bracelet set we call the By Your Side Stack. Take a little time to celebrate the blessings in the skies. Whether it’s cardinal necklaces, cardinal bracelets, cardinal rings or more, the meaning of Cardinals comes brilliantly to life in this hope-filled Cardinal jewelry collection handmade by Luca + Danni.