A Letter from our FounderA Letter from our Founder

A Letter from our Founder

8 years ago today, I took this picture on my couch in Hoboken. I had just lost my brother, quit my job and was packing up my life to move back to Rhode Island to help out with my family's handmade jewelry manufacturing business.

I doubted every decision and was 100% convinced that I had no idea what I was doing, yet deeply confident that I would figure it out along the way. Brooklyn (my 3rd child) wasn't even a consideration, and the concept behind Luca + Danni was at least a year away.

The path to now wasn't anything like I planned in hindsight. It was everything that I hoped it would be. This picture is a reminder to me that no matter the challenges, we need to always #embracethejourney.

Fun fact: this photo is of Luca and Stella (her middle name is Danni). 

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