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Our ear climbers let you put a twist on everyday earrings

If you're like us, you've been seeing different forms of elongated earrings all over blogs, fashion websites, and social media. The trend has several names including ear climbers, ear crawlers, and ear cuffs but they all have the same common trait - the earring starts at the bottom of your ear and "climbs" up the lobe of your ear.

girl wearing Evil Eye earclimbers

We've always loved earrings for their versatility and ear climbers are no different. They can be worn as cool statement pieces or dressed down as an everyday accessory. We bet that if you put a pair in, you'd forget that they're even there. Go ahead and give them a can thank us later!


The inspiration behind our ear climbers...

Our product development team wanted to build off the core symbols that our fans love and incorporate them as simple accent pieces. We think they nailed it!

Rustic Gold Stampede Ear Climbers


Trunks up for good luck! We're obsessed with these little elephants.


Rustic Angel Wing Ear Climbers in silver

Angel Wing:

Let these angel wings help you take flight.


Rustic Gold Hamsa Hand Ear Climbers

Hamsa Hand:

An ancient symbol of protection that reminds us to take a moment to breathe and exhale.


Rustic Silver Lucky Feather Ear Climbers

Lucky Feather:

Tell the world that you're light as feather.


Rustic Gold Evil Eye Ear Climbers

Evil Eye:

Through it all, remember to be the light.


Rustic Silver Angel Ear Climbers

Guardian Angel:

We all have a guardian angel watching over us.