My Dad Journey

Fred Magnanimi, Founder 

7 years ago, I followed a dream, took a chance, and launched a brand.

The years since have shown me that the journey of life is not meant to be feared and planned but is meant to be travelled and enjoyed. I've also learned to trust the journey, even during those moments when I might not understand it.

As proud as I am about my brand accomplishments, I take the most pride in what I consider to be my most important responsibility - being a father. To my 3 amazing kids (and incredible wife!), I want to thank you...

for teaching me,
loving me,
nurturing me,
supporting me,
guiding me,
helping me grow,
and preparing me for the journey.

This Father's Day, please join me in saying "thank you" to that special person in your life that's helped guide you through your own journey.

Introducing our first Men's Collection - just in time for Father's Day



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