The Story of the Cardinal SymbolThe Story of the Cardinal Symbol

The Story of the Cardinal Symbol

The appearance of a cardinal has long held special significance in many cultures. Often a symbol of the presence of a lost loved one, or of a spiritual messenger, a cardinal sighting reminds us that we are loved and not alone. A glimpse of a bright red cardinal in our yards or at our local park can take an ordinary moment and make it a sweet moment of reflection. It’s no wonder that some of our most popular jewelry here at Luca + Danni is our Cardinal Collection

Cardinal Bangle Bracelet Charms Set

When you are facing a difficult loss, choosing a special piece of remembrance jewelry can be truly comforting. And what better symbol to choose for a remembrance token than a vibrant red cardinal? A beautiful yet subtle addition to your daily jewelry, your Red Cardinal Memorial Necklace will be there for you throughout your day to remind you of how precious love is. 

Give a thoughtful piece of memorial jewelry to your friend who is mourning. The simple presence of the cardinal symbol may offer comfort as they learn how to move forward in life without their loved one. A glance at the Cardinal Bangle Bracelet on their wrist will lift their spirits, and they’ll be reminded of the love that still surrounds them. It’s a thoughtful and meaningful gift for someone walking a hard road.

Cardinal symbol ring

Embrace the symbolism associated with a cardinal appearance and let it be a part of the meaning that you create with your jewelry. As you clasp your Cardinal Necklace when you dress for the day, or when you reach for that mug of afternoon coffee and notice your Cardinal Ring, remembrance mingles with gratitude, and a sense of love and being loved is renewed. 

We can’t create lives free from loss or pain— that is a complicated truth. What we can do, though, is commemorate the love we’ve received and honor the people who have offered it to us so freely. Remembrance jewelry is one thoughtful way we can show up for our friends and family (and even ourselves!) in seasons of mourning and offer a meaningful token to lift their spirits. 

Our founder, Fred Magnanimi, reflects on his personal experience with cardinal sightings and the powerful message they can bring someone who is grieving:

The Day I Became A Believer:

Losing my Dad was hard and, in some ways, it was harder than losing my brother. Growing up, my Dad was this larger than life character – always the center of attention, always living by his own rules, kind and emphatic, and a person that lived life to the fullest. My Dad was 66 when he passed away - he wasn't ready to leave and we weren't ready to say goodbye. 

After leaving the hospital, I returned back to my house and there - sitting next to my driveway - was something that would change my life forever. Three Cardinals peacefully sat on my front lawn. At that moment, I remembered my Dad telling me that his favorite bird was a Cardinal. I recalled the stories he told me about my grandfather, who also loved the Cardinal, and the meaning of a Cardinal as a spiritual messenger of lost loved ones. At that moment, I became a believer in the message of a Cardinal and, more importantly, that the Cardinals remind us that our loved ones are always with us and that they normally show up when you need them the most. 

Jewelry design often comes from real life inspiration and experiences. Our Cardinal design is born out of my experiences and belief in the power of the message of the Cardinal. I hope this piece brings you as much peace and comfort as it does to me.  

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