Summer Jewelry Style Guide: Top 5 Looks for Summer 2021Summer Jewelry Style Guide: Top 5 Looks for Summer 2021

Summer Jewelry Style Guide: Top 5 Looks for Summer 2021

Launch the summer of your dreams this year! After a long year (plus!), dining al fresco with friends and vacationing with family has never felt so good. If you are charting a path toward new adventures or simply returning to favorite summer locations from years past, make the most of every moment this summer!

While you’re embracing everything summer has to offer, make sure to mark the memories you’re making with mementos that are big on meaning. Luca + Danni handcrafted jewelry has the perfect pieces for you to build a bangle stack that reflects your unique personal style. Check out our top 5 looks for summer 2021: 

1. Energy

Stay grounded this summer with healing stones jewelry. Whether you’re manifesting strength with blue quartz, protection with azure, or the seeking “master healer” with clear quartz, we have a bangle bracelet that matches your desire. Read through the meaning of each stone to see what resonates with you. Create a stack that speaks your hopes and dreams for this summer to you, each time you glance at your wrist. Your energy stone bangle bracelets are the perfect accessories to add to breezy wide leg pants and a soft, drapey tank for a comfortable yet put-together look. You’ll bring good energy wherever you go this summer with your unique stack of handcrafted energy stone bangles. 

Bracelet made with sand

2. Vitamin Sea 

There is nothing like life by the sea shore, whether you lean toward reading a novel on the warm sand or body surfing with the kids. Live it up this summer, from sunrise to sunset, and mark the moment with your favorite ocean themed jewelry. Sunsets, dolphins, sea turtles or even a bangle bracelet that contains a bit of sand from your favorite beach from our collaboration with Dune Jewelry & Co.: we’ve got you covered when it comes to a beach themed memento. Pair your floppy beach hat and favorite vacation swimsuit with a darling sailboat or starfish bangle bracelet. Once you’re settled back at home, your beachy bangles will remind you that summer is truly a state of mind! 

Cute citrus and fruit bangle bracelet

3. Squeeze the Day

Is there anything cuter than the fruit inspired fashion trend this summer? Align your bangle stack with this fresh-squeezed craze by adding your favorite summer fruit! Refreshing citrus or juicy strawberry—take your pick with these bright, trendy bangles. And, of course, we have the darling of our guacamole dreams, the avocado! Your favorite fruity bangles add a pop of color to your go-to neutral summer maxi dress, or they can be the finishing touch when you don that eye-catching citrus-print romper. 

Beach themed jewelry

4. Summer on the Cape

Live life this summer with anchors up! Set sail with your beloveds toward an unforgettable summer, and add a meaningful nautical themed bangle from Luca + Danni while you’re at it. Perhaps an anchor appeals to you because it represents who and what is most important in your life, or the lighthouse reminds you of your guiding light values. Stack your wrist with meaning this summer by layering your unique bracelets that look equally gorgeous if you’re wearing a timeless rumpled linen dress or spending most of your days in your bathing suit and coverup. Even better? Gift a sweet accessory to a family member or friend you’re vacationing with as a lovely reminder of memories shared on the beach. 

Jewelry for people who like to adventure

5. Time for Adventure

Come together with your nearest and dearest in the great outdoors this summer. Whether you’re glamping or through-hiking, commemorate your choice to take the road less traveled with camping and adventure themed jewelry. Choose the compass earrings to remind you to follow your true north, or opt for the camper bangle to represent the time you spent ‘round the campfire, deep in the woods. Your camping themed jewelry pairs beautifully with your trusty hiking clothes, and just as well with a crisp cotton sundress for a night out on the town once you’re back from your most recent jaunt. Grab your road map, throw the tent in the trunk, and turn on your favorite driving music—it’s time for adventure! 

Wherever the warm breeze takes you this summer, we hope you make your best new memories with your favorite people, fabulous food and gorgeous summer settings. Be sure to mark the memories in personalized style with Luca + Danni handmade jewelry, too. You’ll love having high-quality, beautiful mementos that tell the story of summer 2021!

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