Energy Stone Jewelry to Promote Balance and Self LoveEnergy Stone Jewelry to Promote Balance and Self Love

Energy Stone Jewelry to Promote Balance and Self Love

Infuse your best intentions with healing energy with Luca + Danni’s new Energy Stone bracelets. Whether you are a long-time aficionado of Luca + Danni jewelry or a new fan, our new additions to the healing stones line are sure to pique your interest. Meaningful healing stones jewelry is a great way to support your personal mantras or goals, as well as perfect for gifting your loved ones who need a boost of love and support. 

Energy Stone Jewelry for Self Love

It’s so easy to move through life focused on everything and everyone else while leaving our inner selves to be attended to later. It’s easy, and even normal, to miss tending to ourselves in the midst of our busy, fulfilling lives. No judgment here, but who doesn’t know, deep down, that they should extend themselves more self-love and compassion? 

Take the first step toward a rich self-loving practice by choosing an Energy Stone bracelet (or two) from Luca + Dani. Choose the Rose Quartz Energy Stone bracelet as a tangible reminder of love— and your desire to love yourself well. If you’d like, add a 

Green Quartz Energy Stone bangle that represents compassion, to inspire yourself to spend your compassionate energy on yourself, as well as others. 

Energy Stones Bracelets for Healing and More

Energy Stone Jewelry for Balance 

Looking to add some balance to your life? Choose the Turquoise Magnesite Energy Stone bracelet for peaceful energy and a reminder to choose peace whenever you can. Feeling a lack of work/life balance? Wear a ​​Red Quartz Energy Stone bracelet to boost the creative energy in your day-to-day. Maybe you’ll find more time for the creative outlets that you miss so dearly, or maybe you’ll gain some fresh creativity in approaching how you divide your work life from the rest of your life. Either way, you’ll be moving toward more balance! 

Energy Stone Jewelry for Gifting

Of course, Luca + Danni Energy Stone bracelets are perfect for gifting. Whether it’s for a special occasion in your friend’s life or to offer support during a hard time, healing stone bracelets are a great gift option. For a friend or loved one who is seeking healing, give an Energy Stone Bracelet for Whole Healing, featuring matte carnelian, rose quartz, labradorite, turquoise magnesite, amethyst and jade stones each working their energetic, healing vibes. Or, if protection is their heart’s desire, gift them an Azure Healing Stone bracelet

Select the healing stones bracelet that resonates with you for your own self-love or life balance journey, or choose the perfect one to give a friend “just because.” A beautiful, yet subtle, reminder each time you glance at your wrist, Luca + Danni’s Energy Stone Jewelry will accompany you as you move toward your hopes and dreams. 

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