Military Collection

Crafted for the heroes on the home front and afar, this collection of jewelry made in the USA offers a stunning tribute to our military service personnel, our country’s medical professionals, as well as the spouses who love and support them. Choose these meaningful bracelets and jewelry pieces for a much deserved thank-you gift to the ones who give so much. Our handmade camo print jewelry is a perfect military-inspired gift for the hero you know, or, you can wear it yourself as a memento of loved ones in the service. Our lifesaver heart bracelet honors all medical professionals who play a vital role in our lives, including doctors, nurses, therapists, technicians, first responders and more. Luca + Danni’s silver and gold military bracelets are available in a stunning range of symbols and designs. The Crystal camo-print bracelet is a popular jewelry gift, and comes in colorful options to customize your bangle stack. The Military Mom bracelet and Military Wife bracelet make a touching tribute to the undecorated heroes at home, while our US Navy bracelet is anchored in appreciation, too. Our military jewelry and first responder jewelry are a small way to honor the sacrifices of others, whether it’s a Veteran’s Day gift, Memorial Day gift, Fourth of July gift or more. Luca + Danni is proud to pay tribute to the heroes who heal and help protect our country.