Front Line Collection

Not all heroes wear capes; these Luca + Danni jewelry pieces are much more their style. Shop our heartfelt designs and handcrafted jewelry for our frontline heroes. From doctors and nurses to police officers and firefighters, these selfless individuals deserve a little something special that shows how much they’re appreciated. Our beautiful bracelets for frontline workers are a stunning way to say thanks. You can start with a great teacher gift, like our handmade Apple Bracelet. Or, shop jewelry gifts for healthcare workers who play such a vital role. We love the Registered Nurse Bracelet, Police Officer Bracelet, and Firefighter Bracelet too. Whether it’s a first responder, paramedic, therapist or hospital technician, their work won’t go unnoticed with these meaningful gifts. If you love a frontline worker and want to show your support, wear any of these pieces yourself to keep them in your heart. Our angel jewelry pieces say you’ll always pray for them. Check out our Angel Wing Bracelet, Guardian Angel necklace and matching Guardian Angel bangle. Other favorites include our Cardinal bracelet, Embrace the Journey Bracelet and This Too Shall Pass Bracelet. However you show support for our frontline health and safety workers, a Luca + Danni jewelry gift lets your deepest gratitude shine through.