Handmade Flowers + Nature Jewelry

Not your garden variety anything. Earthly delights are brought to full bloom in this colorful collection of flower jewelry and nature-inspired bracelets. Our Luca + Danni flower bracelet pieces are the perfect pop of color and fun, with styles ranging from a daisy bracelet to a tulip bracelet, plus a stunning Sunflower jewelry set, including our bestselling Sunflower bracelet, Sunflower necklace, and Sunflower stud earrings. We even paid tribute to your favorite pollinators in our Butterfly bracelet and Honey Bee bracelet designs. Change your style with the seasons in our nature-loving jewelry designs. An autumn leaves bracelet and pumpkin bracelet make a perfect fall style statement, while our beachy jewelry selections offer a splash of sun-loving detail. (And our ever-popular silver Rose bracelet is just one of those gorgeous-anytime designs.) So celebrate the beauty of the great outdoors, wherever you happen to be. With our handcrafted floral jewelry and wildlife loving bracelets, the compliments come naturally.