Coin Collection

Bank on it: Your most loved ones will never leave you. The Luca + Danni coin jewelry collection honors the dropped hints from heaven you might otherwise miss. Our dime bracelet and penny bracelet designs offer a simple a reminder to always keep an eye out for messages from loved ones lost. Other handmade styles, like our real dime necklace and real penny necklace, keep the sentiment even closer to the heart, while our real dime bracelet set and real penny bracelet set pair these beautiful tribute jewelry pieces with our signature Crystal bracelets and Crystal pearl bracelets, too. Our symbolic coin bracelets make a thoughtful jewelry gift for someone who’s grieving. Remind them that their loved one is as present as ever with one of our real coin bracelet, coin bangle, coin jewelry set, or coin necklace designs. Our coin bracelet sets are carefully curated with the most popular bracelets for her, while our handmade penny necklaces and dime necklaces are handcrafted in intricate gold and silver-plated settings. With coin bracelets under $30 and coin necklaces under $50, there’s no better deal on a sentimental jewelry gift than our Luca + Danni dime jewelry and Luca + Danni penny jewelry. Whether it’s a genuine penny bracelet or a bracelet with a real dime, the message will be invaluable: That no matter the distance, love knows no bounds.