Inspirational Handmade Jewelry

Want to power-up your personal style? Inspire a friend? Remind a loved one how awesome they are? Our inspirational jewelry collection covers all of the above. Shop empowering bracelets, uplifting bangles, motivating necklace designs and more. Luca + Danni’s inspiring jewelry features your favorite icons and meaningful jewelry symbols. From the North Star necklace to the Peace Sign Bracelet, our bestselling Cardinal bracelet to our 11:11 Make a Wish bracelet, there’s always an empowering jewelry design to perfectly suit your style. Shop our handcrafted coin jewelry, including the bestselling dime bracelet and penny necklace, as a tribute to lost loved ones. Or, put your devotion into words with our handcrafted Blessed bracelet or Serenity Prayer jewelry. Feeling lost? Our North Star jewelry series will guide you to the light. And if you need a little girl power, our Glass Ceiling bracelet is designed to shatter all doubts. Whatever the motivation you need, seize the day in style with our handcrafted jewelry that inspires.