Spring 2018 - Inspired By Renewal

Spring 2018 - Inspired By Renewal

Patience makes growth possible, and Spring is an iconic example of just that. As we patiently wait for Spring to peak, the most exciting experience is awakening to new growth with each passing day. We were inspired by that feeling you have when you wake up on a bright Spring morning to witness new growth, across the entire landscape. Elements of nature are budding and blossoming, critters are resurfacing and the days are getting slightly longer. From cityscapes and waterfronts, to picturesque mountains and open fields of wildflowers, the landscape is reborn and our souls are awakened.


For this year’s Spring collection, we took a renewed approach to the season of renewal. We tossed out the notion that Spring has a limited color palette, one that lives beyond pastels and floral prints. You’ll see the entire landscape in this collection, from the shimmery soil where new growth begins to deep shades in Queen of the Night tulips and Cornflowers. Even our “traditional” Spring colors are refined, with sophisticated blues, soft pinks and mature greens. That’s how we landed we Soil to Sky: A Landscape of Color for our collection name. 


Our Early Spring launch consists of radiant Druzy Channel Cuffs (a best-selling design reimagined + reborn in four colors), three new captivating colors in our Hudson bangle, and two Small Batch designs with symbols of balance + spirituality.


Here’s a look at our vision board we used to create our Spring campaign, Soil to Sky which launches starting Friday, March 2. Stay tuned for a behind-the-scenes look at our Spring shoot. 

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