Miniature Works of Art, German Glass Buttons

Miniature Works of Art, German Glass Buttons

Part of our Spring "Small Batch Designs" Collection features German glass buttons with custom coatings. During one of Fred Magnanimi's (Founder + CEO) vendor visits, he came across these designs and their story intrigued him. During the "Golden Age" of button making (e.g. 1930's and 40's), glass novelty buttons depicted every object imaginable. Buttons were viewed as miniature works of art and the hand craftsmanship produced products of such quality that they'd be unrecognizable to the consumer today. Unfortunately, production focus shifted to cost vs. quality as buttons became mass-produced. The buttons we think of today are a direct result of that shift in production process. Buttons, like the ones found on your shirt, have become small and inconsequential. Long gone are the days where you'd look down at your button and appreciate the craftsmanship that went into creating that miniature piece of art. 


We hope you look at your Luca + Danni German glass button jewelry from our Small Batch Designs collection with admiration and pride, just as we do! Our Soil to Sky Early Spring collection features two German glass buttons; the Mandala + the Endless Knot which are both available in 4 custom coated colors.

Mandala Bangle 

Endless Knot Bangle 



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