A First Look at Mother's Day

A First Look at Mother's Day

With Mother's Day nearly a month out, we're giving you a first look at this year's collection, Deep Roots + Strong Wings. This collection was designed to show moms just how special they are with limited pieces. Crafted with mother of pearl, Swarovski® crystal and opal components, Deep Roots + Strong Wings will show mom how meaningful and impactful her role has been in your life. The bond shared between mother and child is irreplaceable and mom has a unique role in helping us become us. Founder + CEO, Fred Magnanimi, shares a few of his thoughts with us behind the inspiration for this whimsical collection: 

"Since the beginning of the product development process, "wings and roots" kept resonating with us for the Mother's Day collection. The short phrase resonated with me from my experiences with my mom and what I currently see in how my wife is raising our three young children, Luca, Stella and Brooklyn. As a parent, you want to provide your children with a strong foundation of morals, beliefs, and decision making abilities. Your hope is that a strong foundation will allow them to navigate the many twists and turns that life inevitably throws at you. The other aspect that a mother provides, which I witness daily with my Mom and my wife Lori, is the ability to watch and allow your children to blossom into who they truly are. You want them to grow their own wings, pave their own paths and embrace the journey of life. Perhaps the toughest part of being a mother is the point at which you need to 'let go' (to a certain degree) and allow your children to find their independence and their way in life. Not only does a mother give you roots to stay grounded but she always gives you wings to fly."

For the moms and mother figures that have enriched your life, this collection speaks to their uniqueness as well as their strength and encouragement. A mother's love is shown in many spoken, and unspoken, ways. As a tribute to Mom's faith in us, we've handcrafted pieces for this collection inspired by the butterfly, which symbolizes the power to be our true self and choose our own path and delicate florals. A hand carved Mother of Pearl butterfly is introduced signifying protection, guidance and grace. Because mom is always by your side, share the Crystal Butterfly Slider with her which features two Swarovski crystal butterflies sparkling side by side. If you feel a mother's love is timeless and truly a family treasure, you'll love the Mother of Pearl Statement Necklace which has bold geometric shapes on a vintage inspired setting. If you're familiar with our story, you also know that we love bringing vintage finds back to life. This collection also features Mother of Pearl cabochons, dating to the 1970's which have a story all of their own (like the memories you share with mom). We're throwing it back a little further with rich vintage Australian opals circa 1960 with the Flower Opal Bangle and Necklace. The collection is topped off with cameo bangles with flowers and butterflies along with a rose hand-painted crystal glass necklace which shows mom she's inscribed on your heart forever. 

This Deep Roots + Strong Wings collection drops Friday, April 13; that gives you a month to start prepping for the special women in your life that have spent so much time helping "prepare" for you. That means mom, grandma, aunt, step-mom, sister, like a mom, god mother - you've given the gift of your love in return, now share the gift of Luca + Danni this season. Stay tuned for more details on this collection featured in upcoming blog posts! 


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